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In-Person Students:

Weekly lessons are 30 minutes long and students are encouraged to choose their own songs. All students are scheduled to perform at monthly open mic nights which will be held on the last Monday of every month unless it falls on a holiday. Location TBA each month. Students can choose their own time slot. The open mic counts as your lesson for that week, so you will have 3 private lessons and a performance every month ( unless there are 5 weeks that month - and that would add an extra private lesson). Students are encouraged to learn from watching and supporting their peers and develop a love of sharing their talents with others.


What you will need:

  • A smile =)

  • Your instrument 

  • Books I have recommended and / or printed out songs

  • 3-ring binder with plastic sheets

  • Gmail account



Parents of young students should always be present for the child’s lesson ages 5-10 years old. Parents learn with their child to help ensure productive and correct practicing habits at home.



Q: What's the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin?


Many people ask what the difference is between a violin and a fiddle. The answer is simple.  Nothing. It's exactly the same instrument, the only difference is the type of music you play and bowing technique. 


"The difference was likely compounded by the different sounds expected of violin music and fiddle music. Historically, the majority of fiddle music was dance music, while violin music had either grown out of dance music or was something else entirely.


Violin music came to value a smoothness that fiddling, with its dance-driven clear beat, did not always follow. In situations that required greater volume, a fiddler (as long as they kept the beat) could push their instrument harder than could a violinist."~wiki


I bought my fiddle at The Violin Shop in Salt Lake City. If you are a beginner, I would suggest renting a violin for a little while first. Good violins can cost thousands of dollars, so when your just starting out renting is your best option. ~ Susie


Private Fiddle Lessons (Join Waitlist)

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  • Scheduling your lesson is easy! Call or email at: 801-610-9322

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