Q: What is a Mandolin?


"A mandolin has eight strings, arranged in four pairs, and a rounded wood shell. As part of the chordophone family, the mandolin is a specific kind of lute. The sound of chordophone instruments comes from vibrating strings. The mandolin, and its neighboring mandola and bouzoukis, qualify as citterns because they are plucked with a plectrum like a guitar's pick, rather than played with a bow like a violin.


Mandolins are tuned like violins, since their pairs of strings correlate with the four strings of the smaller instrument. In chordophones, strings made of wire or sinew are suspended between two end points. The distance and tautness between those anchor points determines the tone. Mandolin strings are tuned in unison and differ from the next pair by a fifth of a note."- wisegeek.com


I have Gibson and Epiphone Mandolins.  I love the tone and the quality they both have. When purchasing a Mandolin, make sure you don't buy anything that is too cheap, but on the other hand, not too expensive.  Try a few out and listen to the different sounds they produce, If it sounds good and is made well, it will be more fun to play and to practice. ~ Susie


Local Students


Students will attend my studio in Highland Utah. Please contact me to set up your in-person lesson.



Online Students:


What you’ll need:

- A free Skype account and username


- A built in or external webcam and microphone (most computers, smartphone's and tablets have a camera and microphone built in)


- A fast internet connection Kid's Lessons


Parents of young students should always be present for the child’s lesson ages 5-10 years old. Parents learn with their child to help ensure productive and correct practicing habits at home.



Mandolin Lessons

  • There are no refunds for any lessons purchased. All cancellations must be 24 hrs in advance and can be rescheduled. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hrs in advanced will be charged the full lesson value and cannot be rescheduled. Lessons and Lesson Packages are non-refundable. All lesson packages expire one year from date of purchase.