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Zoom Online Students:

This class is for beginner guitar students via zoom and will be held the first three Mondays of every month. The lessons are 45 minutes long and students can request their favorite songs, ask questions, and play along with me. All lessons will also be recorded and PDFs will be emailed to all students. 


What you will need:

- A zoom account and username


- A built in or external webcam and microphone (most computers, smartphone's and tablets have a camera and microphone built in)


- A fast internet connection Kid's Lessons


Parents of young students should always be present for the child’s lesson ages 5-10 years old. Parents learn with their child to help ensure productive and correct practicing habits at home.


Getting a Guitar

"Choosing a beginner guitar can be tricky, since the chances are you don't know a whole lot about guitars to begin with. Once that choice has been made, you're going to need to decide on a budget for your purchase. Avoid buying an ultra-cheap instrument - it will not only make learning guitar more difficult, but will have little re-sale value."


If you are signing up a child for Guitar lessons, consider buying a classical guitar with nylon strings and a smaller body 1/2 or 3/4 size. The nylon strings will be easier to play because it won't be as hard on your fingers. I began playing guitar at age 8 on a tiny nylon guitar and then when I got older and my fingers developed callouses, I purchased a steel string guitar. I currently play a Taylor 712ce and a Taylor GS Mini. Taylor Guitars make incredible instruments and they baby Taylors that is great for traveling or for kids. ~ Susie

Group Zoom Guitar Lessons

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
  • Please be prompt, and have your instrument tuned for your lesson.

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