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Hear what Susie's students are saying.

Online Mandolin Lessons

"I have been studying Mandolin with Susie for just over two years. Susie's passion for teaching and her level of musical knowledge have given me the confidence and skills needed to play on stages around the world. She is patient and really focused on individualizing students lesson plans. I would highly recommend her for any student from beginner to experienced levels if they are wanting to progess their skill level.  Susie is committed to seeing her students succeed!"



"Susie is very professional, organized, and punctual. She takes pride in what she does and expects her students to do the same. She has a real talent working with children. We have been extremely happy with her and have enjoyed being able to take lessons right from our own home on Skype. We highly recommend her!!"



"I was looking for a new Fiddle teacher in the Denver area and we could only find violin teachers here. We found out about fiddle lessons,via Skype,  with Susie while we were in Paris, waiting in line for the Eiffel Tower!   Susie is a wonderful teacher and an amazing musician. Being able to take lessons from our home is wonderful. The Skype connection works great and Susie is able to send us the music that Camille is learning.  We are so pleased with her growth since she has been taking lessons from Susie!"



"Susie Brown possesses a rare combination of true musicianship, a lifetime of experience playing music, and a natural ability to teach it.  She's equal parts patient, demanding, and encouraging, and through the powers of Skype, is as effective from 800 miles away as she is sitting beside you.  If you want to learn Mandolin or Fiddle, do so from the comfort of your own home with one of the best."



"I've played the Mandolin for about six years but I didn't know more than a couple of chords. I've been working with Susie for only a couple of weeks and I've learned so much that I didn't know about mandolin; like picking techniques, and even how to hold the Mandolin.  Working with Susie has also helped me learn how to read music better.  Susie helps break things down so I can understand everything easier, and she's a blast to work with."



"I have really enjoyed taking lessons from Susie. I feel she has helped me make a huge amount of progress since we started. It's easy to tell that she really knows her stuff!"



"Susie Brown is an excellent guitar teacher and musician. My daughter Faith has learned so much and Susie has made it so enjoyable for her to learn to play the guitar. We highly recommended her to everyone know.” ~Melody


Lessons with Susie

"Sarah is visually impaired so working through Skype we thought would be a challenge, but Susie has made it easy. Sarah has learned quickly because of Susie's expertise and patience. We highly recommend her." - Greg



"Two years ago, I decided to do something for myself, so I bought a fiddle and signed up for lessons with Susie Brown.  I will never forget the first song I was able to play; I was so excited, I recorded it and forwarded it to my husband, my parents, and my children.  I even played it for my co-workers during our lunch break.  Susie is engaging and incorporates fun into the lessons; time truly does fly with her!  Learning to play an instrument for the first time at age 45 is no easy task, but Susie is patient and teaches in a way that is clear, encouraging and reassuring.  She is a very talented musician who is also a gifted teacher.


Fiddle Lessons

"Taking lessons with Susie has been a great learning experience and so much fun! She always has creative new ways to teach, and is so knowledgeable of all things fiddle. I always enjoy my lessons so much--I have learned more in a few months than I thought was possible! I thoroughly enjoy all of my lessons, and highly recommend Susie to all fiddlers regardless of skill level. "


Online Fiddle lessons_edited

"I started taking lessons from Susie about a year ago, and I can't speak highly enough about the experience I've had.The best part of the lessons has been how patient Susie is with her teaching.  I have never felt rushed or pressured.  Susie’s amazing talent is encouraging for me to keep pressing on. Even when I get frustrated with myself Susie continues to provide me with the techniques that are necessary to keep me at a growing pace. Susie pushes me to do my best and is just as excited with my improvements and accomplishments as I am.  I love that Susie has the patience yet never allows me to slack and get away with improper form or mistakes.  She motivates me to do my best each week and sets realistic goals for me to achieve.

I would highly recommend Susie to anyone that is looking for a solid music
education. There have been weeks, due to business commitments that I have not been able to make my lesson and Susie has rearranged her schedule and SKYPED my lesson with me.

Susie’s abilities and skills are shown through her own superb expertise as a Fiddler.  She simply has the knack to make you want to strive to improve with each lesson.  Susie is very creative and keeps me enthused and motivated.  I honestly look forward to each lesson because Susie is a fabulous teacher with a very unique flair.


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