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"Susie Brown possesses a rare combination of true musicianship, a lifetime of experience playing music, and a natural ability to teach it.  She's equal parts patient, demanding, and encouraging, and through the powers of Skype, is as effective from 800 miles away as she is sitting beside you.  If you want to learn Mandolin or Fiddle, do so from the comfort of your own home with one of the best."



"Susie came to us as a highly recommended Mandolin teacher. My son was a total beginner when he started with her. Under her teaching, he as learned to read music, recognize rythmn patterns, basic scales, and many bluegrass tunes. His favorite part of the lesson is playing tunes together with Susie. She works so well with my son and is always patient with him while helping him learn how to play the music correctly. Susie has gone above and beyond the lesson times by meeting him at a fun local jam session with other musicians. We are grateful for the opportunity he has had to study Mandolin with her!" ~ Caroline


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